The journey began in 1987 when Anna Maria Mollo and her husband Lucio bought their first Italian fine dining restaurant, Sandro Pizzeria in Calgary, Alberta. After just a few months of operation, Sandro Pizzeria became very well known for its delicious pizza and pasta dishes in the city of Calgary. During the Olympics of 1988, Anna Maria and Lucio won the Calgary Herald’s Gold Medal, for Best Pizza & Food in Calgary.

After 7 years of successfully establishing a name with Sandro Pizzeria, Anna & Lucio went on to owning L’ Italiano’s Restaurant & Banquet Hall in the city of Calgary. With their well-known reputation for Italian Food, L’Italiano’s was a success. It was an opportunity for Anna & Lucio to accommodate people on a night out, with their fine dining restaurant in one area of the building, or cater to big events with their lovely banquet hall.

Unfortunately, after years of hard work and dedication, Lucio became very ill and could no longer work. Their only option was to sell both businesses for Lucio to get better. In 2003 Anna & Lucio moved to Woodbridge, Ontario and for the next nine years Anna Maria worked as a server at another restaurant to support her husband’s medical care. In 2010, Lucio underwent medical treatment that was a success having a very positive impact on him and his family. It was then Anna Maria believed it was time to do what they do best.

In 2011 Anna Maria & Lucio opened up Anna Maria Trattoria to the people, and their dream was brought back to life once again; Serving Italian cuisine prepared in the true old-world manner, where every dish is a reflection of the Mollo family's fine traditional homemade Italian food... From Our Family to Yours!-The Mollo Family